Saturday, January 29, 2005

Shadi: Sandra, how is your ass?


Jonnie: How old are you? Answer me!!
rosa: leave me alone.. im upset. i always miss out on the eligible bachelors
Jonnie: It's like asking how the thanksgiving turkey is coming along
Sandra: LMAO
Jonnie: Rosa is a lier
boz: I'll use that as the title to the zonk transcript
Jonnie: Was she supposed to go, "It's ready Shadi!"
boz: rosa, he sensed your bitterness of your barren womb
Sandra: hahaha
Jonnie: We should immortalize his first words to Sandra..."Sandra, how is your ass"? wtf??
rosa: he attacked me
Jonnie: Shadi is a lier
boz: geez, shadi takes longer to say goodby than nixon did when he resigned
rosa: sandra.. you had better stay in hiding for a while..
Sandra: bye!
Jonnie: BYE!!!!
rosa: he is still here?
rosa: sorry
shadi: bye
boz: (squirrel)ly
rosa: LOL
Jonnie: Rosa!
shadi's mom: come shadi, I will fix you feast of ox and honey
rosa: can we make him an honorary member.. put his pic right next to sandras
Jonnie: you don't have to lie to kick it
rosa: i hope he forgives me for being a lier
Jonnie: ::locks door::
boz: I'm so sorry Uncle Albert
Jonnie: ::kick::
rosa: shadi.. i think we misunderstood you
Jonnie: I'm so sorry shadi
shadi: goodbye to all
shadi: im so sorry sandra
rosa: he didnt like me very much did he?
boz: my god you people are so cruel, what if this is the straw that breaks the camels back and shadi becomes an embittered pawn of bin laden?
Jonnie: and a lier room mate
Jonnie: The trials of having a hot girlfriend
rosa: god!
rosa: shadi... it was an absolute pleasure!
Jonnie: your prince will come
boz: don't you mean asspussy?
shadi: someday
Jonnie: Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out
shadi's mom: boz like in friend of allah? oh might boz grace us with your presence
Sandra: you're not alone, I'm only still afraid to talk
rosa: lol! dont encourage him!
shadi: see u
Jonnie: Boz is in the sex chatroom doing research
shadi: anyway , im sorry to all
rosa: am i here alone with shadi?
Jonnie: Shadi - you should do an audiopost!!
rosa: where is BOZ?
rosa: did amyjo leave?
rosa: explain how i attacked you
shadi: explain what?
rosa: because the children at my school teach me some words.. only the bad words
shadi's mom: I am sorry kind people, but ever since the papa of shadi run off in the night with the woman who works her belly for money, shad is difficult to control
rosa: explain please shady.. im a little confused..
shadi: yes rosa , why?
rosa: where did boz go?
shadi: rosa u was attack me
rosa: shadi do u speak arabic?
shadi's mom: tell the truth shadi, u are some like rosa, you both wear undergarments of women
Jonnie: Tell me Now!!!!!!
shadi: sandra tell me your age
Jonnie: Shadi is trying to trick me into saying "asspussy"
rosa: im sure you are not like me.. im sure we are very different.. i asked you if you liked me
Sandra: Jonnie! you should want SOMETHING from me!
shadi: rosa im not like u
Sandra: yeah shadi, be nice to rosa! she's the finest thing to come out of Australia since... since... EVER!
Jonnie: I don't want a thing from anybody
shadi's mom: I need hot tea with lemon, shadi, go fix mama tea!
rosa: i think he likes me
rosa: yella!
Jonnie: Why does Shadi keep picking on Rosa?
shadi: jonnie what u want from sandra?
rosa: yella! answer me shadi! now!
rosa: shadi .. do u think i am bad person?
shadi's mom: if only shad's papa was such a man as you
shadi: shadi moms, u bad person
Jonnie: Shadi should direct his attention elsewhere for his own good
rosa: heh heh
Jonnie: "I'll shake you until you answer me"
shadi's mom: Mr Jonnie, you have good woman, my boy shadi cannot temp her with promises of olive oil and indoor plumbing
Jonnie: You talking to me?? You talking to me??
Jonnie: haha... "Sandra! Answer Me!!"
rosa: jonnie.. im in need of a weak man to defend me from shadi..
Jonnie: I'll try it again later
Sandra: aww, I missed you, baby!
rosa: dont you know the best way to win a girl is to be nice to her friends?
Jonnie: damn, whenever I try to download the audioblog, I get knocked offline
rosa: shadi.. how come you like sandra so much and hate me?
shadi's mom: you must court them with figs and henna, and them steal them away in the night
rosa: who is shadi's mom?
Sandra: 13
shadi's mom: SHADI!!!! that is no way to talk to get women to birth your children
shadi: sandra answer me
rosa: thank you for analysing me shadi..
shadi: rosa weak in your thinking
rosa: i have no weapons...
shadi's mom: shadi that is infidel women way of saying sex me
rosa: you see sandra is afraid to talk because sometimes crazy people come to our zonkboard..
shadi: rosa weak not in your body
shadi: rosa why u attack me?
rosa: i am huge.l. giant.. with very fat legs.. very strong.. do u like fat women
shadi's mom: please forgive shadi my son, he good boy, but knows little of the way of women
Sandra: why yes, a little
rosa: shadi i am not weak!
shadi: no boz , why?
shadi: sandra are u afraid to talk?
boz: shadi, do you know a woman named belle?
rosa: i was going to go out and atart looking for secret santa stuff.. but this is way to interesting
shadi: who is the crazy fault person as shadi mom
shadi's mom: shadi, how did your sheets get all sticky?
shadi: rosa u are weak so say what u want
shadi: why dear, im serious man
shadi's mom: please, I need to use the basement to wash the clothes
Sandra: oh man, I'm still calculating
shadi's mom: shadi, aren't you finished with your homework yet?
rosa: hurry up sandra.. the poor man is waiting
shadi: sandra tell me your age
Sandra: guess, shadi!
Sandra: hahaha
rosa: but willing like the camel in the desert
boz: long time love but barren like the desert
rosa: plus she love you long time
shadi: sandra how old are u?
rosa: LMAO
boz: rosa, cook, clean, be quick, and no talk from the back of you!!!
rosa: my husband (in molvania) loves my hips
rosa: i am good woman
shadi: rosa why ?
shadi: yah sandra its 2.25 am in jordan
boz: rosa not a liar be, she good woman, bad hips but good for cook and clean
rosa: i have always been a lier.. its my one weakness
rosa: so shadi.. do you like amsterdam
Sandra: oh my, this is really hard to follow at 1:30 am
shadi: then rosa lier
Sandra: but we are in love and he's my boyfriend
Sandra: NO
shadi: are u married from jonnie?
shadi: everything
boz: kitty says: youre not pretending to be shadi are you? this is too funny
Sandra: what should I tell you, shadi?
shadi: rosa im 26
rosa: lmao
boz: rosa, you no have hips for children, you only good for asspussy
shadi: sandra what u say?
rosa: i mean im hot too goddamit!
rosa: im a little bit jealous of all the attention that sandra is getting shadi
shadi: sandra tell me
rosa: you seem very interesting
AmyJo: Camels are very valuavble animals MOre valuable than women, but less valuable than weapons or bmws.
rosa: because you ask quiestions about us... we want to know about you..
shadi: why rosa?
Sandra: (blush)
boz: don't blame me, DrHunterDouglas was undercover in sex chat as femaleguy, and when I got back, shadi was trying to trade a herd of camels for our women folk
rosa: tell us about you..
shadi: sandra just tell me
Sandra: I'm confused
AmyJo: Danke schon, gnadige fraulein! You are awesome. My BF thinks you are so pretty, if he didn't worship me in commie regalia I would be jealous.
Sandra: why what shadi?
Sandra: oh shadi, I DID already answer!
rosa: shadi.. how old are you??
AmyJo: jonnie, who is older, you or Bruce?
shadi: why sandra?
Sandra: tomorrow, that is
Sandra: of course, I'll do that toorrow
AmyJo: Boz, what have you guys been doing? Are you on pain killers or something?
AmyJo: you give me one with a KJI haircut. His little bouffant thing?
shadi: sandra answer me
Sandra: oh damn, I still can't listen to audioposts from this pc
rosa: ask boz amyjo
AmyJo: Sandra, the BF is totally turned on by me in commie regalia. Can y
Jonnie: oh good! I'm going to download it immediately
Sandra: hahaha, bad rosa, bad bad rosa
AmyJo: The asspussy??

rosa: well excuse me!
AmyJo: Did you guys listen to my audiopost? The BF sings songs to Jonnie on it .
rosa: oh amyjo.. let me introduce you to the asspussy
shadi: rosa im not asking u
Jonnie: We are not officially married, no.
Sandra: he's my boyfriend
rosa: they are in love
AmyJo: My hips are spoken for.
rosa: oh god
AmyJo: You guys, the zonk history makes no sense to me. What have you been drinking? (pee, I know)
shadi: sandra u married jonnie, really?
boz: AmyJo show shadi how good your hips for children are, squirt another one out while we wait
rosa: the molvanian bats are going crazy outside.. becaus ei live in molvania.. ok amyjo!
shadi: i ask u ?
Sandra: oh yes, sorry
AmyJo: Only my inner puppet demon is. The rest of me is quite nice.
rosa: oh no shadi.. you have offended.. you had better say sorry
Sandra: AmyJo is also part of the axis of evil
AmyJo: Who am I? Who is asking the question?
AmyJo: AmyJO!!!!JO is very important.
rosa: lol
boz: shadi, AmyJo is fine piece woman, hips for children, back for working
shadi: who are u amy ?
AmyJo: Hi Shadi! Unfortunately, it cannot be, since my BF is right here . He says his roommate Shadi was a dope dealer. Are you?
rosa: ask him
Sandra: probably
AmyJo: The BF had a roommate named Shadi. He was Jordaniian. Is it the same person?
Sandra: yeah, he's the real slim shadi
rosa: shadi... amyjo.. amoyjo.. shadi! im sure you two will be firm friends
Sandra: Einst├╝rzende Neubauten
AmyJo: Who's Shadi? Like SLim Shadey?
boz: AmyJo, have we got a guy for you!!!
AmyJo: Oops. It isn't really Monster and de neubatten it is something else. It means "collapsing new buildings" stimmtlich?
rosa: AJ! welcome to the madhouse! LEt me introduce you to our good friend shadi!
boz: see, I am all depressed now, because none of you commented on DrHunterDouglas going undercover as femaleguy
Sandra: AmyJo!
AmyJo: My boyfriend says "futter mein ego" he loves monster and the neubatten.
rosa: my brain is hurting
Sandra: hey!
boz: yeah, whenever she tells you to do something she listens to you saying "yes dear, of course dear"
Sandra: huh?
Jonnie: Damn Right She Listen To Me!!
rosa: she good wife!
rosa: of course she listen!
Jonnie: This comes with the territory when your girlfriend is freaking hot
rosa: sandra and jonnie are married!
boz: Sandra you listerine to Jonnie?
shadi: sandra u lisiten to jonnie?
rosa: sandra roams around the black forest at night.. stealing all the cuckoo clocks
boz: Ohmy god, there's been a murder suicide, Jonnie you bastard. I'lll miss you both!!!
rosa: yeah sandra.. from where?
Sandra: sandra from Germany
shadi: sandra from where?
rosa: mmmm bozbits
boz: with his bozbits fully exposed
rosa: i keep my molvanian husband chained to the bed
Jonnie: Thanks Rosa!
boz: you are sven not shadi
rosa: western women love weak men.
boz: are your middle eastern or Swedish, yah?
Jonnie: I'll destroy you!!!
Sandra: woah
shadi: jonnie, u are a weak man yah?
boz: 1000
rosa: only the wolves roam around now in the dark forests
boz: I reset the zonk to save the last 100 posts
rosa: the racoons are all in hiding
rosa: it is very very cold now in molvania
rosa: yeah...
Jonnie: this should be saved for a zonkboard greatest hits
Sandra: haha
boz: I feel humiliation muchly
rosa: gee i feel so liberated now that ive said it
rosa: stick that up your asspussy
boz: hey, I "OWN" this board of zonk
Jonnie: 2 men will enter, but only 1 will leave the Metal John
rosa: yeah boz, what you talk!
shadi: boz, what u talk? stop
boz: Jonnie, you and shadi should take this discussion to the Metal John!!
rosa: i think you two will come out stronger from it though
rosa: are u ok jonnie.. that was some serious competition
Jonnie: I'm not worried about it
boz: Jonnie, you'd better check and make sure Shadi and Sandra aren't discussing ass on Sandra's zonkboard
rosa: small country in east europe
rosa: molvania
rosa: errrr...
shadi: from where rosa?
Jonnie: Damn, we never got to ask him how HIS ass was
Jonnie: haha "brown saloon"
boz: what happened to shadi from saudi?
boz: but it does get the idea across
rosa: i need new online friends! :)
Jonnie: asspussy is an ugly image
boz: I knew that would happen, when Jonnie's man scent got going
Sandra: should we say "brown saloon" instead, rosa?
shadi: im not kid rosa
boz: oh god, they're having a three way!!!
rosa: yuck
rosa: i taught a lebanese kid called shady
boz: asspussy is the rwbs word of the week
rosa: can you please stop saying asspussy.. i have a vivid imagination...
shadi: thanx sandra
Jonnie: You talkin' to me??
boz: better clench your asspussy cheeks Jonnie, I don't trust shadi
shadi: jonnie, u talk to me?
Sandra: ROSA!
Sandra: of course you can stay if you want, shadi
rosa: shadi and sandra sitting in a tree...
boz: Jonnie, prozac, quick!!!
Sandra: Jonnie!
Jonnie: I'll freaking kill a bastard
shadi: if u like i go sandra
boz: shadi, you'd better be careful, Jonnie is mad in love with Sandra, and I wouldn't want him to do a Jihad on your ass
shadi: relly im sorry sandra
Jonnie: oh good!
boz: Jonnie, I just replied to your comment about the Mall Shit
rosa: my arse is ever expanding
Sandra: haha, don't worry, shadi
shadi: im sorry sandra
Jonnie: my ass is resting
boz: my ass is sore, if anyone is interested
Sandra: (it's doing fine, btw)
Sandra: no... but why did you ask me how my ass is doing?
rosa: iraqis
rosa: people have been voting for three days over my way.. well just the iraquis
shadi: sandra, are u angry from me?
boz: did you vote today?
rosa: cant shake those bozbits over my way!
shadi: from middle east
rosa: lol.. damn thats fine!
boz: ::wiggling my asspussy in rosa's direction::
Sandra: just asking....
shadi: why sandra?
shadi: im man
Sandra: from what country are you, shadi?
Jonnie: what's a cumslut??
rosa: not for me woman man
boz: psssst, rosa, it's saturday
shadi: i like talk to friend
rosa: and why have you dropped by on this lovely sunday morning?
shadi: im a man rosa
Jonnie: I have freaking good taste too!
rosa: you have good taste.. ill give you that :) lol
Sandra: yeah, Jonnie's cute, isn't he?
boz: click my name
rosa: ive never seen jonnies jealous side... its quite appealing isnt it sandra
rosa: i thought you were a woman shadi!
shadi: what dear?
Jonnie: Hey, fucker!!!
shadi: sandra how is your ass?
rosa: mmmpeee
Sandra: yay
boz: let me just post the two conversations, it will be easier
Sandra: or, did you pee in your mouth?
boz: he wanted me to pee in MY mouth!
Jonnie: Log in as SinSinatti_SteamR
rosa: yes boz, did u pee in his mouth?
boz: cumslut was my second adventure, I also had a date with steve22
rosa: heh heh.. it was all pretty surreal
Jonnie: Did you pee in his mouth?
Jonnie: The bozmail post made me laugh out loud
rosa: lol
boz: I'm spent, I mean finished, but my asspussy is still intact
Jonnie: I don't want people to hit on my girl
Sandra: oh well, probably not, I'm afraid I will only giglle and not say a word
rosa: i havnt tried the bozmail out yet.. but its hilarious.. ill hata see if it does external mail.. so i can bombard you all with bozmail
Jonnie: Where is the sex room, boz? Shadi and Rosa can come too!
shadi: i m not like talk about sex only?
Sandra: yes, me too!
Jonnie: I want to log into the sex room too
Jonnie: Where are you?
Sandra: today is one of those days I can't stop eating
Jonnie: hmmmm..
boz: a Jonnie and Sandra just logged into sex chat
rosa: i guess :) who are you?
shadi: can i talk with u , all
Jonnie: How do you like the bozmail, rosa?
Sandra: still here, I'm just having a midnight snack
Jonnie: I'm here!
rosa: where did jonnie and sandra go?
shadi: rosa , answer me
Jonnie: (talk)
shadi: u not like talk?
shadi: how are u ?
rosa: im tired and hungry and kinda curious about what boz is telling his cumslut
rosa: hello
shadi: hi rosa
rosa: i knew he was one from our previous convrsations
Jonnie: haha, rosa walks in on boz posing as a cumslut in the chatrooms
rosa: hallo
boz: jonnie, you'd like this one, he wants to know if I'll piss in my mouth
shadi: hi
rosa: good god!
boz: I'm being coy
Sandra: and, DO you like it?
Jonnie: Asspussy??
Jonnie: Good Lord!!
boz: M4CumSlut> do you like facials and taking cock up your asspussy?
Jonnie: hahaha
boz: I told him I was 27, and honest I'm not in high school no matter how young I look
Jonnie: Get him to go down on you, then start talking about all the cum that's in there
boz: I'm chatting with M4cumslut now
Jonnie: Ask him how much cum would a cum slut cum if a cum slut could cum cum
Jonnie: haha - CumSluts always get all the guys
boz: M4CumSlut just IM'd me
Sandra: oh cool! (damn, zonk's slow again...)
boz: yeah
Sandra: awwwww... will you post the conversation?
boz: he's back, wants to phone
boz: I think I lost him
Jonnie: Guys are stupid, you'll probably have him on there all day
Jonnie: He probably thinks you're belle now!
boz: I thought for sure he would leave when I told him my phone calls were monitored by the kryblar from palent Detox
Jonnie: This'll be the best Dr. HD yet
boz: hahaha
Jonnie: hahaha
Sandra: sweet
boz: damn, I logged in as female guy and two guys are IMing me

Saturday, January 08, 2005


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